We produce quality

Our policy and business strategy is to always invest in the best and most up-to-date productive equipment, as well as to diversify the range of technological solutions and prospecting new materials to provide our customers with up-to-date, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

A robust quality system based on error prevention and supported by intelligent testing for 100% of all desired products, is the base of work.

Environmental protection, optimized resource management, compliance with existing regulations and the schooling, qualification and motivation of our employees are a reality in this group.


A process in which the insulation of electrical cables and wires is measured, cut and removed and where an inkjet mark, hot mark or label can be applied.
We have the best equipment available for unwinding, removing cable tensions, accurately measuring, cutting, removing insulation, tinning and / or twisting the filaments, automatically wrapping and labeling of wires and cables from 0.08 to 300mm section squares.


Operation where terminals are placed over the ends of the wire or cable.
We have modern precision and high productivity equipment for automatic crimping of all kinds, from insulated tips, splices, faston, mat-n-lock, battery terminals, IDC connectors, flat-cable connectors…
We crimp connections with cross sections from 0.08 to 300 square mm.

Compactations tests

All tools used for crimping of terminal connections are validated by compaction tests to ensure that all electrical and mechanical characteristics comply with the data.


We have a long experience of developing solutions to isolate terminals and electronic components through high- and low framing (overmolding), for which we develop the necessary tools.


This component is fundamental in order to provide our customers with the best materials at the best prices for their applications. By using a group synergy and a powerful management system (ARP) we achieve the best balance between quality, price, time, service and make it available for our customers.

Quality control

Our focus is on avoiding mistakes, with the goal to produce zero defects and zero waste during the whole process of production.

We produce flawless mounting plates, automatic electric tests, artificial visual inspection, model components, validation of the first product, traction and compaction tests.

We use exclusively validated professional tools, torque controlled precision screwdriver, optimized layouts, professional illumination, dust-free assembly areas and dust-free plastic inner packaging.

We put a lot of effort into the schooling and qualification of our employees, as well as into the investment of our tools for continuous improvement, such as 8D, 5S, FMEA and Kaizen.